Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at your place

Are you aware of the fact that the air inside your home might be even dirtier and polluted than the air outside your house, it might come as a surprise to many of us, but that’s the bitter reality which we all need to accept. So first things first, how does air inside our house gets dirty in first place, well this is because of the furniture, cleaning chemicals, paint and other stuff which we use on daily basis. Now the crux of the matter is that we cannot get rid of our furniture or paint, hence we need to find ways through which we can purify air at our house.

Open windows

Open your windows at least once in a day, so stale air can move out and fresh air can make its way in. This is one of the simplest and perhaps the cheapest way to maintain a fresh environment in your house. The moment you open your windows, the stale air which has been residing in your house for past few days makes it way out for the fresh air. This is a great way to recirculate air and if possible you must turn your ceiling fans on during this practice to speed up the process.

Healthy household plants

You might find it hard at first but there are a number of plants who act as air purifiers and hence you must take complete advantage of such plants as nothing beats the natural stuff. Henceforth you might go for plants such as Bamboo Palm, Pot Mum and Peace Lily these plants would help you purify air in your house.

Use toxic free cleaners

We often undermine ingredients which are listed on cleaners that are used in our house. This is a grave mistake which we make on daily basis, of course unintentionally but still the consequences of this small overlook could be dire. Household cleaners are usually manufactured from toxic materials which are not only dangerous for our own health but are also a major reason behind polluted air at our homes. If you really are serious in purifying air at your place, then you should do some digging and tap into some plant based cleaners, as they are more likely to do less damage than their counterparts. Moreover do not rely on labels alone, and look out for cleaners which are composed of only a handful of ingredients.

Get an air purifier

Well, this is an obvious one, if you want to purify air at your place, then you ought to have an air purifier at least in the living room, where you and your family spend most of their time.

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