Why use oil instead of water for washing your face

Super-deep face cleaning was considered a myth for centuries, but thanks to modern technology it no longer is, in fact you could get it with oil. Yes, it might be a surprise for many but the truth is that oil is much useful than water and if you regularly wash your face with oil, you will feel that your natural glow is returning and much more than that, oil does not contain any harmful ingredients which could damage your skin in the long run. This post is all about how oil could be utilized as a face cleanser and why it should be preferred over other chemicals. 

Oil cleansing

Firstly you need to wash your face with water and get rid of makeup, remember oil cleansing would not yield desired results, if you are wearing heavy makeup. Once you have successfully removed all makeup from your face, then you need to take oil cleanser and medium sized cotton pads soaked in water. This oil cleansing routine would work on light makeup, but don’t try it on heavy makeup. However if you have time and are looking for best results, you should rinse your face with warm water and then pat it dry, before cleansing.

Watch out for congestion areas

Add small amount of oil in your palm and rub it on both your hands, once the oil is evenly rubbed on both your hands, then you need to apply it to your face and neck. You should repeat the process a couple of times at least in order to ensure that oil is evenly spread all over your face and neck. You should spare a couple of minutes to rub oil over your face with gentle hands, don’t forget the area of congestion. Moreover you should apply more oil to the areas where your feel that your muscles are tensed, remember that your face deserves much more attention and time of yours, therefore don’t rush into rubbing.

Restore your natural glow

Oil cleansing would not only help your face look better, it would restore the natural glow of your face, but on the flip side it would also aid in improving your lymph nodes. Try to spend more time on the deeper layers of your skin, this would aid in cleaning your skin nodes. After you are done with the rubbing; leave the oil on for a couple of minutes before cleansing. Warm cloth removal is the most crucial step of entire oil cleansing process, wring out your warm cloth and drape wit all over your face, make sure that the cloth is large enough that it covers your entire face. Press the cloth and remove all the oil from the face, don’t be too rough as you might get hurt in the process.




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