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Human world is exposed to large number of diseases today, the list of viral infections and contagious diseases has outgrown at an alarming pace in the last two decades. It is high time that people take serious precautionary measures against these diseases as they are gravely affecting humankind all over the globe and this is why we have decided to dedicate an entire blog post to this topic. Here you will find a list of precautionary measures, which you could adopt and protect yourself and your families form these horrendous diseases, which are posing a serious threat to human beings all across the globe.

Root Cause of Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease has been haunting mankind for a long period of time now and sadly a large number of patients lose their lives to it each year. However a breakthrough has been made in this regard and clinicians are optimistic that this would lead to an early diagnosis of the disease, which could potentially uplift the survival chances of patient. Earlier the main problem faced by doctors and medical experts in case of Alzheimer disease was its late diagnosis. However recently a team of medical officers has found that the disease originates from a healthy protein in brain, this protein turns toxic and later on leads to Alzheimer. Physicians are hopeful that this important discovery would help them save a large number of patients in future.

Keto Diet and Cancer

A recent experiment conducted on a group of mice found that keto diet improves the performance of cancer-zapping drugs and medicine. It was observed that keto diet considerably improved the performance of drugs and the effect was visible instantaneously. This is deemed as a milestone in the history of medicinal drugs, as cancer patients are mostly devoid of such luxuries and only a handful of foods suit them during their treatment. However the keto diet which is low on carbohydrates and high on fats has the potential to turn things around. Moreover it was also noticed that keto diet alone does not brings around any change in cancer, it is only effective when taken with cancer-zapping drugs.

Medical errors are a real threat

Medical errors take more lives each year than strokes, pneumonia and diabetes combined together, hence it is high time that radical steps are taken to ensure that the number of medical errors is reduced. Governments and medical organizations should introduce a special score for medical doctors which could keep track of their past diagnosis success rate. Patients should never rely on findings of single medical person and should consult at least three professionals before making a big decision. This would help them counter medical errors and would also save precious time.

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