Start alkalizing your body today

We are exposed to all sorts of health-inflicting diseases today, from emotional traumas to ‘life-saving’ pharmaceuticals, everything comes with side effects and this is the reason why we need to be more cautious towards our health today. Our body is our temple and as a guardian of this temple it is our foremost duty to safeguard it from all sorts of dangers and threats, which are looming on the brink. Alkalization acts as first line of defense in this case and hence if you want to defend your body against these perils you must know how to alkalize your body.

Brief background

So before we dive into further details, let’s just take a brief look at the importance of alkalization in our body. So there are countless cells in our body, each individual cell is responsible for a specific task. These cells are the primary component of our organs and must function round the clock if we want to perform our daily chores; these cells need energy to perform. They obtain this energy through food which we eat, whether it be proteins, carbohydrates, essential minerals or vitamins, everything is required in specific quantity. Even if a single cell is suffering from mal-nutrition, a chain reaction is triggered which later on becomes the cause of a disease.

Why is alkalization important

So you might be wandering, where does alkalization kick in, well our body needs to maintain a certain pH, which in ideal case hovers around 7.35 to 7.45. This is the pH of the blood, and a small shift in it could prove fatal, pH slightly above than seven is considered alkaline and this is where our body requires alkaline diet. However it is vital to avoid the pitfalls, if you are gravely concerned about your body’s pH, then here is a solution which might prove beneficial for you.

Super Elixir Greens

The Super Elixir Greens is not a run of the mill staple, which you come across in your super market, it is in fact a wholesome meal and in modern dictionary it is regarded as a super food. The formula has been generated carefully in order to provide cellular level nutrition to your body and this is what elevates it stature from the rest of the herd. It can easily be added in all your dishes and you don’t need to use it separately as your body requires it in miniature quantities not in bulk. Henceforth if you really want to maintain the healthy alkaline level of your body Super Green Elixirs is tailor-made for your needs. Give it a shot and you would feel the difference within days.

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