Skin Positivity Is The Beauty Buzzword Of 2018

Skin Positivity is redefining ‘beauty’

21st century is rightfully regarded as the century of women, where women are finally accepting their implications and are embracing imperfections and turning them into their strengths. It all began with women empowerment and gradually turned into a worldwide movement where every women is serving as an ambassador to the cause. Skin positivity is one of the highlights of such issues, where earlier skin tone and color were used as barometers to measure feminine beauty, now the gauges and measuring balances have changed for good. Skin positivity is the buzzword of beauty world in 2018 and women all across the globe are trying to break the norms by embracing their skin color and their refusal to judge someone’s beauty through their skin color will truly redefine the word ‘beauty’ this year.

Positive role of corporate houses

Body positivity activists have been garnishing attention from clothing brands and media houses alongside several other corporate giants. These inclusions of these big names in the movement has helped in increasing the awareness amongst masses and it has aroused a sense of ownership among women, previously the women who were body shamed because of their skin color are now wearing it as a badge.

Turning weaknesses into strengths

Hurdles and weaknesses such as menstruation are now deemed as symbols of strength. The issues which were previously never brought out in broad day light are now being discussed openly and boldly, everyone today is sharing same opinions about women, which they had been suppressing for so long now. World is witnessing a paradigm shift in the behaviors of big brands, where earlier only light toned models used to represent and market big products, today all sorts of women are modeling for big corporate giants.

Debunking myths

Myths are debunked on regular basis; women are empowered all over the globe and are taking responsibility of their own lives. These are truly remarkable times as the role of women in society is being redefined. Water brands today are not using a white model to sell their bottles; in fact they are especially hiring local toned women who could appeal to the local appeal audience in a much better way. Similarly all beauty brands are also playing a crucial role in uplifting women role in the society. Earlier beauty was measured by the skin tone of a person, today it is measured through the inner kindness of a person. Times are changing and it is important for everyone to embrace this important change. Moreover skin positivity is not only about various skin colors, it is also about celebrating your old skin, 40 is now the new 30 and women all over the globe are challenging the norms and proving that indeed age is nothing but a number.



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