Is Protein Powder A Waste Of Money

Is protein powder really a waste of time and money?

Protein powder is one of those rare entities which have always aroused doubts in minds. Is protein shake healthy, what are its ingredients, should I use it or will it be harmful for my health? These are the questions which have always remained unanswered, but today is your lucky day as we would be clearing out all ambiguities and debunking myths about protein powder. Protein powder in the past few decades has attained the unprecedented status of super food, something that boosts your muscular system and provides you with the energy, that would fulfill the protein needs of your body.

Keep an eye on the proportion

Before jumping into the uncanny world of proteins, it is important to get familiar with the nuances of the protein universe, so of 20 different amino acids which we obtain from plant and animal sources, only nine are considered essential. Henceforth it could be deduced that our body survives on nine amino acids, but we cannot necessarily undermine the importance of remaining eleven. In order to determine the protein requirement of your body, you simply need to know your weight, for instance if your weight is 70 kilograms, your body roughly requires 70 grams of protein each day. However bear this in mind that anyone relying solely on vegan diet requires slightly more amount of proteins in order to compensate for the missing amino acids.

Determine your needs

Most people do a great job with proteins and hence do not need any protein powder, in fact majority of us consumes more proteins than the actual requirement. However people whose protein needs are higher could actually benefit from protein powder, people who exercise or are involved in other physical exertions require more proteins than us normal folks. Case of pregnant women is no different from athletes; they too require abundant amounts of proteins.

Feeling low…. Have protein shake

Once you have decided that you actually need protein powder; then you need to devise an intelligent plan in order to maximize your output. For vegans the routine is pretty simple, if you feel low and have nothing to eat, you could easily resort to protein powder, it not only would boost your energy but would further help you fulfill your body requirements. For normal people protein powder could be used in baked products or taken with simple water.

Go for tasteless flavors

If you are planning to use it for a long period of time, you must choose a tasteless flavor as it lends you the liberty to be used in savory food items. Moreover most people don’t prefer protein bars but actually they could be pretty helpful for people who are always on a clock, you don’t need extra preparation for it. Protein powder is not a waste a money if utilized carefully.


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