Peanut Butter Granola Bars Will Be Your New Favorite Snack

Snacking is a tricky subject and although we adults too find ourselves in a difficult spot when it comes to snacking, so you can understand the trauma which mothers goes through while deciding for a healthy snack for their children. Well the key for choosing a snack for children is that it has to fulfill their nutritional needs and at the same time should also be scrumptious and mouthwatering; this is precisely where things start getting complicated. There are a only a handful of snacks which are both delicious and high on nutrients, luckily today we’ve decided to introduce a snack which would actually resolve your snacking problem.

List of Ingredients

Preparation Method

  • Grease the parchment paper before lining the oven with it. This parchment paper would not let the mixture touch the oven base. After lining the oven with parchment paper, preheat oven at 350 degrees.
  • Now spread the uncooked oats evenly on the parchment paper and bake them for around 15-20 minutes. Look over for the golden color, once you see it take them out of the oven.
  • While oats are being baked you could continue with the mixture, pour out all the ingredients (honey, peanut butter and dates) in a saucepan and stir it on medium heat for around ten minutes. Continue stirring and cooking until the peanut butter is completely melted and the mixture including dates is gelled up nicely.
  • By now your oats would be well baked, so take these golden glazed oats and combine them with the rice cereal in the bowl. Take off the peanut butter mixture off the stove and pour it in the same bowl with oats, remember that the mixture should be mixed together nicely. For a full fledge homogenous mixture continue stirring the mixture for some time. Usually it takes ten to fifteen minutes before the mixture coagulates nicely.
  • Now use a spatula, preferably of rubber to spread the mixture in the pan. Use spatula gently to press the mixture into an even layer. Now place the pan in the refrigerator and allow the mixture to cool down. Take out the mixture after half an hour and ensure that it has assumed a firm shape. Now you need to cut the mixture into bars, so try using parchment paper to lift off the firm mixture, this way you won’t have de-shaped bars. Wrap these bars individually and keep them in a jar, if you want to store them for a couple of days, if however you want to store them for few hours you can wrap them together.

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