What Is Hibiscus Tea

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Well with the immense popularity it has gained in past couple of years, you sure would have heard the name of hibiscus tea and how it is extremely beneficial for health. It is caffeine-free alongside being an amazing anti-oxidizing agent; there are several other benefits of hibiscus tea. However you might be skeptical of trying it at first, and the reason behind that could be that you’re not a fan of tea, however you ought not to worry as you would love the taste and since its healthy, you would instantly fall for it. Continue reading

Three Blood-Sugar-Balancing Snacks That Take 3 Minutes

Balance out your blood sugar with these three snacks

Have you ever felt low on blood sugar, if you have then you’ll relate to the fact that it is the most scary situation, as you fail to find the power to grab anything, leave alone eat it, your hands start shaking and on top of all this your brain gets fogged. So what you do in this sort of helpless situation, well you need a snack that would instantly stabilize your blood sugar level. Now the primary pre-requisite of this blood sugar balancing snack is that it is prepared in minimum possible time and this is exactly what we’ll be discussing today. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Granola Bars Will Be Your New Favorite Snack

Snacking is a tricky subject and although we adults too find ourselves in a difficult spot when it comes to snacking, so you can understand the trauma which mothers goes through while deciding for a healthy snack for their children. Well the key for choosing a snack for children is that it has to fulfill their nutritional needs and at the same time should also be scrumptious and mouthwatering; this is precisely where things start getting complicated. There are a only a handful of snacks which are both delicious and high on nutrients, luckily today we’ve decided to introduce a snack which would actually resolve your snacking problem. Continue reading

Well-balanced and healthy lifestyle is not possible without sweets

We all have a sweet tooth, even though who deny this, have one, however with the advent of 21st century, sweet tooth has turned into something that we are guilty of. We all want to try sweet delights but are super afraid that it would lead to weight gain, however here’s a surprise, eating sweets is a healthy habit. Yes, you read it right, so no need to rub your eyes again or pinch yourself, as if you want to lead a well-balanced healthy life, you need to devour sweet delights every now and then. However you need to establish some ground rules, which are mentioned here. Continue reading

4 Smartphone etiquettes for greater efficiency

We all have been guilty of spending too much time on our cell phones, in fact sometimes our close family members are so upset over this that they tend to believe that the tiny digital box in our hand is more important to us than them. If your pay close attention you would soon find out that the problem is not in the cell phones, in fact the issue lies in the relationship we have with our devices, so through this blog post we would try to explore the problem and would also tell you how highly effective people tend to stay away from the smartphone addiction. Continue reading

Found A Plant-Based Protein Powder That Tastes Good In Anything

What to look for in your protein powder

A major misconception circling in vegan communities is that you ought to have packed meaty meals for strength, which however usually comes from proteins. Yes, meat is a big source of proteins for body and is necessary for our body to function normally; however there are several plants which too provide could fulfill your protein requirements. So even if you are an athlete, it simply doesn’t matter, you don’t need to stack meat in your refrigerator, for extra strength, all you need to do is be smarter in your approach. This blog post serves as a guideline to obtain proteins from plant sources. Continue reading

Eat This Food Daily For Balanced Hormones

Try this magical vegetable for hormonal balance

Finding the correct and ideal hormonal balance has always remained an unsolved mystery in the medical world, people from all walks of life suffer from this problem, but since every person is different, therefore a universal solution is yet to be discovered. However there are few things which you could try as they known to be universally effective, and would help you strike a hormonal balance. Through years of research scientists and experts have finally cracked a solution which could help you establish hormonal balance in your body. This one vegetable could help you overcome all your hormonal imbalances and could help you lead a healthy and prosperous life. So the vegetable we’re about to unveil here is kale, you might have been hearing a lot about it recently, as it is amassing popularity amongst health conscious folks. So let’s find out what this amazing vegetable has in store for us. Continue reading

Mashed Potato Truffles


Toppings: peanut butter powder, toasted coconut, cocoa powder, chopped nuts


Melt the chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave in 20 second intervals. Transfer to a mixer bowl. Add the potato and vanilla and mix on low speed until fully combined. Refrigerate for 1 hour to fully chill. Portion the potato and chocolate mixture into 1-inch balls and roll into topping of your choice. Chill until needed.

Matcha Stress Relieving and Gut-healing Drink

Simple tweaks to turn your matcha into stress relieving and gut-healing drink

If you are a health freak, then you might have come across the recently famed matcha green tea, which has been making headlines since last year. Green tea has always been regarded as a ‘miracle tea’, which ironically defies all characteristics of conventional tea. Green tea is known to boost metabolism and catapult brain functionality alongside being an essential component of your weight loss regime. Rise of matcha green tea is often attributed to the high concentration of EGCG, which plays a vital role in body functionality. We have decided to dedicate a post to matcha green tea; primarily we would be discussing how few tweaks can further enhance its long list of benefits.

Stress-reducing Vanilla Rose Matcha

This is a fairly simple recipe which would help you get rid of stress, all you need is a cup of milk, half table spoon vanilla extract and rose water, one table spoon of matcha powder and ashwagandha and few rose petals for garnishing. Firstly you need to warm milk, make sure that it is almost boiling and then take it off the stove and add all above mentioned ingredients. Once you have added all ingredients, you need to blend this mixture until it assumes the shape of a foamy mixture. Now pour it into cups and top it with rose petals before serving. This refreshing vanilla rose matcha would have a positive impact on your mental health and would help in overcoming stress.

Coconut cinnamon Matcha

If you want to balance out your blood sugar, then this is perhaps the best option you have right now. Not only coconut induced cinnamon match would help you regularize your blood sugar level, but it would further provide you with a fresh bust of energy. Ingredient list of coconut cinnamon matcha includes a cup of milk, single tea spoon of matcha powder and coconut manna and a half tea spoon of cinnamon. You can also add a sweetener if you want to. Pour the milk in the saucepan and heat it, don’t wait for it to boil, just when you feel that it is about to boil take it off the stove. Add all ingredients to the milk and use a blender to mix all ingredients; once the mixture has attained a foamy texture, it is ready for serving.


These two small tweaks could help you get that extra kick out of your matcha drink, which you have been missing earlier. Remember that the best time to have these drinks is early in morning or in evenings, as these are the intervals where your body longs for energy. So do try these small tweaks and enjoy the healthy outcomes.


Almond Bacon

If you ask a vegan to name that one particular item that they have been missing dearly from their breakfast table, without a delay they would say that its bacon. A foo item that has surpassed the mere status of food, it is the part of popular culture, no matter where ever you go, this is one item which you try out in different restaurants, and the best part is that you never really get tired of it. Moreover each person has their own rendition of bacon and this is what makes it so special, however here we are going to talk about vegans and how they can turn almonds into bacon. Continue reading