Meal Prep like a health expert

Meal prepping is one of those daily chores which each individual on God’s green earth should be adept at, however the reality is pretty different from the expectation. We as a society do not pay deserved attention to our health of which meal prepping is the primary component. This post has been especially dedicated to meal prep and how you can actually make your life much easier through this simple practice. Meal prepping at the end of the day is knowing exactly what you want to eat tomorrow, see, even the mere thought of this sounds like a breath of fresh air, so why don’t we let the breeze shake the leaves and we get back to meal prepping.

Roasting vegetables

Healthy eating always begins with greens and if you are not willing to give up your high on carb diet then you’re probably not serious about your self-set healthy regime. However any order to spice things up you can begin with a combination of veggies, one being cooked such as broccoli or cauliflower, then other being high on starch such as potatoes. Chop these vegetables and preheat the oven at 425 degrees, place the freshly cut veggies on a single baking sheet. You can glaze the vegetables with avocado or coconut oil, one with goes best with your choice of veggies. Now roast these for around 20-40 minutes, do flip them once. You need to roast them until the outer layer is golden, store them in a glass container and eat them whenever you feel low on energy.

Stocking your snacks and treats

Snacking is often regarded as bad eating habit, but small tweaks can turn it into a healthy one, all you need is some will power and preparation. You can store your snacks beforehand for the week, so that you don’t feel irritated when you can’t find anything to eat at odd times. Moreover this practice would also stop you from binge eating. So you can begin with organic meat sticks, protein bars, cheese sticks, fresh fruits and yogurt. This stuff is not only healthy but will also provide you with the necessary energy for the day.

Prepping your greens

As explained earlier that greens are a pivotal part of any healthy diet, however the preparation time might feel overwhelming, and this is perhaps the reason why most of us refrain from greens. You can get pre-washed and chopped vegetables from the market, but fresh veggies are always preferred because of their higher nutritional value. You need to take out some time of your busy schedule to wash, chop and dice your veggies beforehand. This is not a daunting task and will help you a lot in maintaining a good health.

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