Matcha Stress Relieving and Gut-healing Drink

Simple tweaks to turn your matcha into stress relieving and gut-healing drink

If you are a health freak, then you might have come across the recently famed matcha green tea, which has been making headlines since last year. Green tea has always been regarded as a ‘miracle tea’, which ironically defies all characteristics of conventional tea. Green tea is known to boost metabolism and catapult brain functionality alongside being an essential component of your weight loss regime. Rise of matcha green tea is often attributed to the high concentration of EGCG, which plays a vital role in body functionality. We have decided to dedicate a post to matcha green tea; primarily we would be discussing how few tweaks can further enhance its long list of benefits.

Stress-reducing Vanilla Rose Matcha

This is a fairly simple recipe which would help you get rid of stress, all you need is a cup of milk, half table spoon vanilla extract and rose water, one table spoon of matcha powder and ashwagandha and few rose petals for garnishing. Firstly you need to warm milk, make sure that it is almost boiling and then take it off the stove and add all above mentioned ingredients. Once you have added all ingredients, you need to blend this mixture until it assumes the shape of a foamy mixture. Now pour it into cups and top it with rose petals before serving. This refreshing vanilla rose matcha would have a positive impact on your mental health and would help in overcoming stress.

Coconut cinnamon Matcha

If you want to balance out your blood sugar, then this is perhaps the best option you have right now. Not only coconut induced cinnamon match would help you regularize your blood sugar level, but it would further provide you with a fresh bust of energy. Ingredient list of coconut cinnamon matcha includes a cup of milk, single tea spoon of matcha powder and coconut manna and a half tea spoon of cinnamon. You can also add a sweetener if you want to. Pour the milk in the saucepan and heat it, don’t wait for it to boil, just when you feel that it is about to boil take it off the stove. Add all ingredients to the milk and use a blender to mix all ingredients; once the mixture has attained a foamy texture, it is ready for serving.


These two small tweaks could help you get that extra kick out of your matcha drink, which you have been missing earlier. Remember that the best time to have these drinks is early in morning or in evenings, as these are the intervals where your body longs for energy. So do try these small tweaks and enjoy the healthy outcomes.


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