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Manifest your dreams through Intention setting

Every new year marks the beginning of a new era, it means a fresh start and for each one of us beginning of a new year means getting our priorities right. Each year we promise ourselves that we would take control of our lives and would live it on our terms, we would do stuff that would make us happy, this overwhelming notion of empowerment often derails us from the right track and soon we find ourselves submerged in our old routines. So how to turn ambitions into aspirations and later on accomplishments; with the dawn of New Year we would try to help you out and devise a strategy which would help you achieve both personal and professional goals this year.

Dream with clarity

You need to have a clear road map of what exactly is that you desire and want, few people like to jot down their dreams in a journal, whereas others like to keep a note of all their aspirations in their wallet. It simply doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, you need to be clear about what you want as a person. For instance if you want to start a new business or are looking to reduce your weight this year, firstly you need to convince your inner self that you can do this and nothing can stop you from achieving these dreams this year. For instance if you want to lose weight, you should be clear how are you going to approach it, either by going green or trying your hand at green tea.

Breakdown your goal

Once you have a prime goal, then you need to break in down into smaller ones, such as if you want to reduce your weight, you cannot do it within weeks, it is a long tiring job as you would have to follow a diet plan and would also be required to make drastic changes in your daily routine. Therefore it is crucial that your breakdown your yearly goal into smaller monthly goals. This would also keep you fresh and focused, let’s take the example of fitness, if you are keen to work on your fitness and body this year, then you ought to try something new each month, which would help you break the monotony and keep you in your toes.

Law of Attraction is real

You might have heard about the law of attraction, some people believe that it is nothing but a hoax but the crux of the matter is that everyone of us has experienced it at least once in their life time. The key here is that instead of garnishing an emotion, you need to believe that what your desire is already yours. If you want to shred twenty pounds, you should try to imagine how you would feel, once you’ve accomplished this goal, this feeling would push you towards your goal. Lastly it is all about commitment, and how much are you willing to sacrifice for it.


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