Ingredients which you need to avoid in 2018

Living in 21st century has its own perks, but with it comes a great deal of responsibility, we all are completely aware of the fact that how toxic material and harmful substances are used in items of our daily use and how their use adversely effects our health. There are a large number of ingredients which we should avoid as they could potentially risk our health. This blog post is dedicated to a list of harmful ingredients which you must avoid in 2018, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle this year.

Artificial sweeteners

Word artificial has always raised red flags for health conscious people; although it doesn’t necessarily always stands for harmful stuff, but still many health experts share the opinion that all sorts of artificial flavors must be avoided. Artificial sweeteners are widely used in kids’ candies and other beverages; however studies have found that they are responsible for hyperactivity amongst kids. Hyperactivity was an unheard of word a few years ago but these days many parents are worried about their kids being hyperactive and the main reason behind it is the wide use of artificial flavors. Moreover these artificial flavors also hinder the growth of nervous system and are the root cause of memory problems amongst elders. Instead of artificial sweeteners go for organic sweeteners or other healthy alternatives, ones which are not made from artificial sources.

Synthetic fragrances

Synthetic is another word which should raise red alarms, however many of us tend to overlook it. Synthetic fragrances are manufactured from crude oil, which is extremely harmful for human health. Moreover these fragrances are also the root cause of birth defects and allergic reactions. Henceforth avoid synthetic fragrances and save yourself and your loved ones from their wrath.


This is a special type of harmful substance, you might not have heard of it before, but you sure would have been its victim in past. It is used for dry cleaning clothes and is also widely utilized in apparel industry, therefore chances are that you have been exposed to it on multiple occasions. Honestly there is little you can do about it, since it is used at a mass scale for dry-cleaning clothes, but what you can do is avoid buying already dry cleaned stuff. Look out for establishments which use eco-friendly alternatives and if you are in a desperate need of dry clean then look out for people who use pressurized carbon dioxide as an alternative for PERC.

Final thought

These few above mentioned harmful substances could adversely affect your health and therefore it is important for your to take radical steps and eradicate use of such substances from your daily routine. Yes, it is difficult to get rid of some substances but it is surely worth a try.

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