Hadza Diet

With the recent increase in the cases of overweight and weight related issues, dieting has been predominant in the society. Everyone is trying to eat right to stay healthy and fit. This quest for better and healthier meals lead to the discovery of Hadza. Since then, everyone has been yapping on about this new trend.

History of Hadza

Hadza has actually been in existence for centuries now. Hadza originated from an ethnic tribe in Tanzania. This peaceful of Hadza live as hunter-gatherers. These people eat meats during the dry season when there is less fruit causing a shift in the microbiome. They eat nutritious and healthy fruits like honey and berries which replenish the body with the missing microbes. The eating habits and diets of the Hadza tribe creates a collection of good bacteria that live in the gut. Gut bacteria aids in digestion, metabolism and immune system. Lack of these gut bacteria is what leads to sicknesses and ailments like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome and food intolerance.

Constituents of Hadza diet

Western diets that predominantly contain high sugar and low fiber create depletion in the variety of microbiomes in the gut. Recent research has shown that the main ingredient that affects the level of microbiomes in the gut could be fiber. Fiber has been traced to be the major constituent of the diet of the Hadza tribe. Fiber is simply a kind of carbohydrate that is resistance to the digestive enzymes. Dietary fiber is substances such as pectin, lignin, and cellulose present in foods. Fiber isn’t new, it’s been there since ages. We eat fruits likes avocado, pear, berries, coconut, and figs which are all powerhouses for fiber. Vegetables like artichokes, peas, okra, acorn squash, brussels sprouts, and turnips are replete with fiber. Beans and legumes such as black beans, chickpeas, lima beans, split peas, and lentils all contain a high percentage of fiber. All these foods have been in our diets all along but maybe not in a great proportion and unprocessed like the ones enjoyed by the traditional people of East Africa.

Benefits of Hadza diet

The healthy benefits of the diet style of original Hadza people lead to the adoption of the Hadza diet in the Western world. The main active and more prevalent ingredient in their meal is fiber. So, whenever you consume the right proportion of fiber daily, your diet would be similar to the East African originator of Hadza. Fiber has so much great benefits that one may be tempted to feed on only fiber. It is important to note that the recommended daily fiber consumption for women is 25 grams and for me is 35-40 grams. But the Hadza tribe were averaging 100 t0 150 grams daily which boosted the gut highly. Sadly, most people do not eat up to half of the daily recommended fiber and this causes depletion of the digestive guts. Fiber helps in the regulation of bowel function, cholesterol level, and strengthening of the colon wall. Fiber has been known to aid in weight loss management, and blood sugar level management. Research has shown that fiber reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


when you hear Hadza diet, remember it’s basically rich fiber diet. You want do it yourself Hadza, then pack your diet with fiber-rich food and watch your gut bacteria increase and you will live healthier and longer. You will stay fit because fiber fills your stomach and keeps you feeling full over a longer period.


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