guide for choosing safe beauty products

Better healthcare choices

While making healthcare and beauty choices most of the individuals tend to overlook the safety aspect of such products. It has been observed that people hailing from different background suffer from same products and still instead of learning a lesson, they fall for the same trap time and again. Skin care therefore deserves special attention, since skin happens to be your largest organ and anything applied to skin is absorbed by the body and as a result of which if a harmful skincare product is used, entire body has to bear the consequences.

Lawless industry

You might be thinking that what’s the point of this post as everything manufactured is being governed by a Government body, well here’s an eye opener every single product in beauty and skincare industry which includes your regular lipsticks, shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants, not even a single product is governed by a regulatory body. This entire industry is running around like a headless chicken, the only rule in the industry is that there are no rules. What makes this even more worrisome is the mere fact that we utilize and consume these products on daily basis, which means that every one of us is exposed to serious risk.

Stay away from harmful products

Manufacturers tend to use ingredients which are extremely harmful for your skin, but they get away with this since they are not answerable to anyone. Personal care products are no exception to this dangerous practice, therefore it is imperative for you to understand the graveness of problem in the first place. First you need to admit that there is a serious problem at hand, only then you would be able to find the remedy of this situation.

Hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing of beauty care products

There are several ingredients which are extremely harmful for your skin, and although manufacturers use it in their products, but they are ‘gracious’ enough to mention these on their covers. So the first thing you need to do is lookout for hazardous ingredients. First on the list are SLES and SLS ingredients, these cause skin irritations and the major trigger of allergies. Next are parabens, these are so dangerous and powerful that they are known to alter the growth of hormones in body. Synthetic fragrances are another entity which you should avoid, as only manufacturers know what’s inside it, few even claim it to be their trade secret and hence avoid sharing the formula with public. Hydroquinone is a common ingredient of skin lightening cream but it is notoriously linked to cancer and is also known to skin irritation. These harmful ingredients are corrosive and detrimental for your skin and you must avoid these at all costs. Moreover if you want to you could use natural products such as coconut oil and apple cedar vinegar as healthy alternatives of these chemical infused products.


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