Five Summer Fitness Tips For Busy Women


Despite what some might think the summer is not an easy season for the busy ladies amongst us. The sun is shining and the bikinis in your closet are just screaming to be shown off, but there are family, friend and work obligations to be met as well, so time to visit the gym is often the casualty of your busy schedule. Not to worry though, because in this short article we’ll discuss five simple ways to get in shape for the summer without having to sacrifice your busy and tightly planned schedule.


Burning belly fat in just 10 minutes

We start off this list with a simple exercise that you can do at home with the help of just a yoga mat and an interval timer. The routine consists of six circuits that take no more than 10 minutes to complete in total (you can find specific instructions by following the link above). Each exercise takes 25 seconds and you rest for 12 seconds in between circuits, and you’ll burn belly fat and tone your abs in record time.


Combining low-calorie food and family time

Instead of forcing your whole family to go low-calorie the whole week so that you can stay in shape for those weekends in bikini, look for dishes that are both good for your form and delicious for everyone. Take whole wheat blueberry banana pancakes, for example. These are delicious, full of complex carbs thanks to the whole wheat and a great source of energy. Add some organic syrup and some eggs, and definitely don’t be shy with the blueberries, they are an excellent source of antioxidants.


Proximity is key

If work is one of the main components of your busy schedule, and one of the main reasons for failing to work out on a regular basis, then it might be a good idea to subscribe to a gym that is located close to your place of work. This makes the excuse of the gym being too far away invalid and might encourage you to fit in a couple of brief work-out sessions every week, especially if you can arrange to have your gym clothes at the gym or at work.


Water, water, water

This might seem like a bit of an obvious “tip”, but it’s overlooked so often. Besides water being essential for the health of our body it can also replace the need for more sugary drinks and it can help battle feelings of hunger, especially the desire to snack throughout the day. Aim for 2 to 3 liters of water a day, depending on your body type and level of activity.


Including weights

Any sports store near you will have basic medium (8 to 12 lbs) weights on sale. A good way of getting in shape for summer is to burn fat and build muscle at the same, because muscle mass consumes energy (and thus fat reserves) for up to 24 hours after exercising. This simple work-out consists of 4 exercises (12 reps each) for which you just need a set of medium weights and a few minutes of time, nothing more.



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