Found A Plant-Based Protein Powder That Tastes Good In Anything

What to look for in your protein powder

A major misconception circling in vegan communities is that you ought to have packed meaty meals for strength, which however usually comes from proteins. Yes, meat is a big source of proteins for body and is necessary for our body to function normally; however there are several plants which too provide could fulfill your protein requirements. So even if you are an athlete, it simply doesn’t matter, you don’t need to stack meat in your refrigerator, for extra strength, all you need to do is be smarter in your approach. This blog post serves as a guideline to obtain proteins from plant sources. Continue reading

Coconut oil as a metabolism booster

False Propaganda

With US Heart Association declaring coconut oil unhealthy, a debate was sparked and experts from all over the globe joined in, everyone pitching and describing their own findings. Soon enough all fatty acids were under the radar and on the verge of being declared unhealthy and dangerous for human health. However there were others who opposed this theory and still believed in the miraculous powers of fatty acids and especially coconut oil. This post provides you with an overview on how coconut oil is actually good for your metabolism and in fact it acts as a catalyst for your metabolism rate. Continue reading

morning smoothie for boosted metabolism

Importance of metabolism

New year always mark a new beginning and where we look forward to several other new things in life, we are also excited for our health and always have a couple of new recipes which we look forward to try in new year. So why not start this year with a new resolution that we would pay special attention to our metabolism. Therefore the first step in this regard would be to search for things which would boost and uplift our metabolism. This post highlights several metabolism boosters which could prove extremely beneficial for your metabolism. Continue reading

Hadza Diet

With the recent increase in the cases of overweight and weight related issues, dieting has been predominant in the society. Everyone is trying to eat right to stay healthy and fit. This quest for better and healthier meals lead to the discovery of Hadza. Since then, everyone has been yapping on about this new trend. Continue reading

Success on a Paleo diet

In this digital era we all are constantly bombarded with conflicting theories of healthy diet. Internet is stuffed with information on wholesome and nutritious diet plans, but still despite of all such statistics and data we find ourselves in a spot where we are unable to distinguish between healthy and deleterious food. But with Paleo diet it seems like our prayers have finally been answered, as Paleo diet is super rich in nutrients. Paleo approach has recently emerged as wholesome dietary approach as it promotes green and healthy lifestyle through fresh food. Continue reading

Freezing Fat

Does It Work?

CoolSculpting. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but it seems to be a growing beauty trend. It’s also known as crylipolysis or “freezing off fat”, and it’s being lauded by some experts as one of the best non-surgical alternatives to liposuction. The treatment was approved by the FDA in 2010 and in this article we’ll take a deeper look at what CoolSculpting is exactly, what is involved in the process, who is eligible for the procedure and how much it can cost. Continue reading

The Right Meal Combinations For a Better Body


Eating smart is about more than just picking the healthiest food and watching your calorie intake with every meal. It’s important as well to plan your food combinations according to your lifestyle and your daily activities, especially when you are prone to indigestion or other digestion-related discomforts, and when you work out regularly. In this article we’ll take a deeper look at how food combinations can benefit your digestion and your work out.

Continue reading

Why Green Coffee Bean Extract Does NOT Make You Lose Weight


The Dr. Oz Show is an American TV show in which medical treatments of all kinds are promoted to benefit the health and wellness of the viewers, and to kick off the fourth season of the show started with a segment on weight-loss and the beneficial effects of green coffee bean extract on this process. Soon after the airing of the episode in question the show runners were flooded with complaints and lawsuits from people who had followed the show’s suggestions and experienced none of the benefits. Continue reading

Five Summer Fitness Tips For Busy Women


Despite what some might think the summer is not an easy season for the busy ladies amongst us. The sun is shining and the bikinis in your closet are just screaming to be shown off, but there are family, friend and work obligations to be met as well, so time to visit the gym is often the casualty of your busy schedule. Not to worry though, because in this short article we’ll discuss five simple ways to get in shape for the summer without having to sacrifice your busy and tightly planned schedule. Continue reading

5 Common Myths About Dieting   


Myth 1: Eat only when hungry.

Facts: Many believe that skipping meals can help save calories intake. This isn’t accurate. Spacing food evenly throughout the day is better according to the researchers at the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). Skipping meals may result in weight problems because they may eat all the wrong stuff since they are only eating once or even less. Eating healthy food at regular intervals keeps you well nourished. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The key here is moderation. Eat nutritious meals every four to six hours and your weight will be maintained and balanced. Continue reading