The Biggest Myths & Truths About Veganism

Debunking myths about veganism

If you happen to have a vegan friends, chances are that you would already be familiar with lots of stuff, which is about to be discussed in this post. Since vegans are a scarce breed which is still trying to find its feet in our social circles, it is important to know what they stand for and what actually is Veganism. We normal folks consider them separate specie, which in fact they are not, so this is why today we would be debunking several myths about vegans and veganism. Continue reading

Super Cheap Superfood Will Balance Your Blood Sugar

Zillion benefits of sea vegetables

If you are constantly worried about your blood sugar and want to get rid of it, once and for all, here is something that might interest you; Sea vegetables. These are actually red, green and brown marine algae but have been used as food for centuries; it is pretty common in coastal areas. However now they are also being seen in urban markets, people are finally realizing the real potential of these vegetables. Sea vegetables are being touted as superfood which astoundingly is also cheap and readily available. This superfood is all set to jolt the international markets this summer, so it’s high time that you are aware of its benefits. Continue reading

4 Gut-Healing snacks

Let’s admit it; snacks are our lifelines, we snack when we are tense, lonely or even when elated. Had it not been for snacks our lives would have been dull and boring as hell, but have you ever pondered that why can’t we exploit this uncanny habit of ours for our own benefit. Why not try snacks which are gut-healing and of course it goes without saying that it is also mouthwatering. So here is a list of snacks that could not only help you overcome your emotional traumas, but are also super-healthy, delectable, palatable and savory. Continue reading

Free of Caffeine Energy drinks helps you get rid of your coffee mug

Coffee arguably is the undisputed champion of beverages, not even a single competitor comes close to the unparalleled popularity that this caffeine-rich beverage enjoys. However recent studies found that a mug of coffee although induces a fresh buzz to your numbing mind and body, in longer run it causes more harm than good. Our body gets used to the stuff which we consume on daily basis and coffee being our go-to beverage is no exception to that thumb rule. Coffee fans are often found complaining of jitters and anxiety, however having said this there are few healthy alternatives of coffee which could help you get rid of it and this blog post is dedicated to those coffee alternatives. Continue reading

Yes, You Can Eat Candy Healthfully.

Healthy candy eating

We mothers are always tired of our kids who want nothing else but candies, if we leave it to them, they would only have candies for the rest of their lives. It’s not a secret that children and candies is an unbreakable bond, one that goes back a long way. However it is important for the parents to exploit this ‘weakness’ of children for their own good. Yes, candies can be utilized in a healthy way, only if you are able to formulate a proper diet plan for your kids. This post will walk you through several approaches which you could adopt and turn candy eating into a healthy activity. Continue reading

This No-Oatmeal Is The Perfect Grain-Free Cozy Breakfast

Grain-free no-oatmeal breakfast is perfect for all seasons

If you are deciding on going grain-free this season, or have already made your mind then this article is especially for you. Grain-free diet has a long list of advantages and benefits, moreover predominantly for women, it is no less a blessing. If you really want your body and mind to function well then try going grain-free for a couple of weeks, surely you will feel the difference. No-oat meals are all about maintaining a healthy balance and it kick starts with your breakfast. If you feel that your breakfast boosts inflammation within your body then Paleo oatmeal is just what you have been seeking for. Continue reading

The Best Healthy Cookies You Can Buy

Healthiest cookies in the town

They say there is a special space in the stomach for cookies, and some people even go further as they solemnly believe ‘any time is cookie time’. Henceforth it could be deduced that we all share an undying love for our favorite childhood snack, a cookie can summon a flood of memories, and apart from all that glorification, the fact is that till date no other snack has surpassed the popularity of cookies. Companies today are trying to transform cookies into a healthy staple; today you’ll find gluten-free cookies, protein rich cookies and some even claim to sell healthy fat cookies. So which ones are the best and tastiest; let’s find out.

Chocolate Chunk cookies

If you are fan of decadent and soft texture, like biting into the cookie dough, then chocolate chunk cookies; should go with your afternoon tea. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to cookies and it has been observed that people are quite choosy, therefore if you like to keep it simple and yet don’t mind a sprinkle of chocolate, then chocolate chunk cookies are definitely for you. Moreover if you are worried about the ingredients, it contains gluten-free oats and coconut sugar to enhance sweetness.

Carrot Oat Cookies

If you are extremely concerned about your belly fat but also share unwavering love for cookies then carrot oat cookies are a perfect bet. You would be amazed to find out that carrot oat cookies is made up of multiple healthy ingredients, the list is so long that after few entries you might feel that you are being scammed, however that’s the best thing about these cookies, they sound and taste and too good. Lastly if you happen to be a carrot cake fan, then you won’t need to read further because you’ve already found your dream cookies.

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are on a hunt for a cookie which you could have daily, then look no further as you’ve found the one. Crunchy chocolate chip cookies have everything a cookie lover could wish for, from almonds to coconut with a sprinkle of tiger nuts, these happen to be simple yet mouth-watering. A jar full of these cookies could finish in an hour, if you have friends at tea.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

As the name suggests, these are gluten-free chocolate cookies, so for people who want gluten-free but cannot also live without chocolate, this is a match made in heaven. A rare combination of molasses and vanilla help them stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you are health conscious about your family and want them to have gluten-free cookies then these are tailor-made for your needs.

Food Sources Of Gut-Healing Probiotics

Top 4 Food sources of Gut-Healing Probiotics

Food items rich on probiotics could actually do wonders for your health, people often are found skeptical on probiotic-rich food, but the crux of the matter is that it is extremely beneficial for your health and especially for your gut. It is also beneficial for your digestive system; hence people suffering from intestine or digestive issues should include probiotic-rich food items in their diet. However one roadblock that you might face is that how you actually get probiotic bacteria in your body, hence we have dedicated this blog post to your query. Continue reading


MCT Oil: The Ultimate Metabolism Booster

Over the past few decades fats have been regarded as the quintessential health destroyers and a major source of weight gain, however this theory does not hold true for all sorts of fats. There are few essential fats which are body yearns and needs to function properly. Trillions of cells in our body are dependent on essential fats for efficient functioning. Real wholefood fats must be included in regular diet in order to avoid fat deficiency, which could potentially cause serious health problems if prolonged for longer periods of time. This post is about the many benefits of MCT oil and how it could be a game changer for your health.

What really is MCT?

So firstly let’s get our basics right, what actually is MCT, many of you might not be familiar with this term, hence we thought we would give a brief orientation on MCT. So basically MCT are medium-chained tri-glycerides, which are commonly deemed as super fatty acids. MCT’s have numerous benefits, first one being that they are pretty beneficial for your brain. If you want to boost your brain power, then MCT is the perfect option for you. People suffering from brain fog and other mental illnesses should try introducing MCT’s in their everyday diet.

Benefits of MCT

Immune system strongly relies on MCT’s and hence it has been observed that people consuming MCT’s regularly are known to have relatively better immune system than their counterparts. Moreover MCT can also help you lose weight, now this might come as a shock to some people, as how come fatty acids be responsible for fatty acids, but remember not all fats result in weight gain. So in order to lose weight you must start using MCT oil, this would help burn your belly carbs and would further trigger your weight loss process. Studies have shown that people using MCT oil have shed considerable weight in mere weeks; hence if you are concerned about your belly fat, then here is an option to get rid of it.

MCT’s are good for kidneys and digestive system

People suffering from acute kidney failure, should use coconut oil, which happens to be a rich source of MCT, this would not only help you keep your kidneys healthy but would further aid in cleaning them. Blood sugar is a common concern of every individual these days and hence this is precisely where MCT comes to the rescue, it helps in keeping your blood sugar in check. At the end of the day you might be thinking that why all of a sudden MCT has become such a big thing, well the secret is that it is found in items which are primary sources of several other nutrients as well, coconut oil, fish and green vegetables are the eminent examples.


How To Control Food Cravings

Overcoming food cravings

What is to be written about food cravings that has not been said before, it’s a subject that has haunted generations and still continues to do so. However one thing is for sure, it is a daunting task, one that every food lover hates to commit for. There are times when the urge is so strong that despite all our will and grit it becomes rather impossible to stop ourselves from reaching out for that cookie jar in the middle of the night. What makes food cravings literally uncontrollable is the fact that every person has their own tipping points, where some people might go on a binge spree when they are sad; others crave for food when they are happy. Hence we have broken down this post into multiple sections, each section describes a particular group and how they could overcome their untimely food cravings.

Stress cravers

Firstly on our esteemed list of food cravers are the stress cravers, these are individuals who eat when they are stressed. Therefore it could be concluded that in order to counter their daily stress, they resort to food. These guys are often facing a serious roadblock in their individual lives and when they fail to find a solution of this problem, they resort to eating. In order to get rid of their cravings they should try to take deep breaths and relax, repeating this routine for few days would surely help them overcome their cravings.

Comfort Cravers

Second group is comfort cravers; these people have the most interesting take on their cravings. They believe that food items on high sugar and full of calories soothe them, whenever they feel tense they resort to binge eating, which mostly includes chocolate, ice-cream, pudding or cakes topped with icing. These guys simply need to change their routines, instead of having food every half an hour, eating proper meals would help them a lot.

Crashed cravers

Third group is perhaps the one with the most genuine issues; this is the crashed group. These people refrain from eating proper meals and once their blood sugar drops and they feel dizzy, they binge eat, which leads to many problems. Crashed cravers are pretty common these days, these people seldom pay attention to their body requirements and food; hence once they have dispensed their energy resources, they then realize the importance of food. This is a however not a practice which should be encouraged, as untimely eating could lead to several problems. Crashed cravers need to alter their routine and should manage their meal times, if their body requirements are fulfilled on time they would not have to binge eat and hence they would get rid of their cravings.