personality type is most likely to gain weight

Curious case of obesity

Mankind is diverse in every aspect and henceforth it is extremely difficult to categorize a certain group of people under one umbrella. Since a number of factors must be taken into account before finalizing the labeling, however still there is no assurance that the bunch would deliver the desired results. Curious case of weight gain is no exception to this rule, we all have come across people who eat much more than us, but still do not gain even an inch. On the flip side there are people who cannot even get away with a single scoop of ice-cream, it is an uphill task but we will try to uncover some facts that which particular personality type is more likely to gain weight.

Quantifying metabolism rate

To determine your metabolism rate, you need to analyze your body. If you feel that your body is resistant towards weight loss and even a small bite of a donut create a budge on your tummy then surely you belong to that crowded group of people who happen to have a slow metabolism rate. On the flip side even if after a couple of heavy meals you still have midnight cravings, you probably have a fast metabolism rate.

Symptoms of disruptive metabolism

Hormone imbalance is another powerful indicator of metabolism rate, and it could be used as a measuring balance to determine your metabolism rate. If you are suffering from dry, thin and scaly skin then perhaps one of the reason behind this could be slow metabolism, since hormone imbalance is one of the earliest symptoms of slow metabolism therefore you could use it for the detection of your metabolism. Check your face in mirror and look out for crown thinning and also check if your eyebrows are getting sparse at the end.

Get rid of untimely cravings

If you are suffering from midnight and untimely cravings then perhaps you metabolism is not functioning the way it is supposed to be. Irresistible urge for food every few hours is a classic sign of metabolism disturbance. What makes this troubling is that if the cravings are not fed at the right time, person becomes snappy and misbehaves with everyone around them; this situation is only stopped once they munch on a whole jar of cookies. Sadly people don’t understand this state and label it with cravings, but they fail to understand what the person is going through at the moment. This mostly happens when you run low on blood sugar and experience brain fuzz alongside back lashes of low energy, luckily you have landed at the right place and we would be telling you how you could avoid such situations. Adding green tea and coffee to your daily diet is the foremost action which you must take; this would help you boost your metabolism. Moreover you must also increase water intake as it is very useful for your body, lastly you must learn to relax as stress is a major factor behind troubled metabolism.


charge your metabolism with amazing thing

Water; essential for life

Human body has always fascinated experts and strangely the more they learn the more confused they get. Several aspects and parts play a decisive role in shaping our metabolism and therefore it is extremely difficult to understand what really would affect and impact our metabolism. This post will try to uncover few items which you could use to turbo charge your metabolism, however the core focus of this article remains on one particular thing which goes by the name of ‘water’, yes you read it right, sometimes the simplest of things make big differences. Continue reading

Pathway Turns off the Path of Weight Gain

Obesity is a serious issue

Obesity is a modern age issue which continues to stir the mind of researchers and the stats turn this monster into a demon which soon would take over the world. Researchers have predicted that more than half of the current lot of kids would be suffering from obesity by the time they reach 35. The numbers induce an unthinkable fear in the minds of parents and even in those naive minds who are just flexing their muscles for the upcoming challenges. This is the reason why a number of researchers are trying to dig into the curious case of obesity and for that matter they have widened their research and have come up with few things which might put an end to this problem for once and for all.

A fruitful experiment

For this purpose a group of scientists headed by renowned orthopedic surgeon Faxin Long conducted an experiment on two groups of mice, both groups were given the same feed but the results were starkly different. One set of the mice grew fat while the other group stayed thin, this encouraged the scientists to dig into the matter and they started looking at the protein pathways, these pathways are a mirror reflection of the ones found in humans. Once the pathway was activated mice even when fed diet high on fats did not gain weight, on the flip side the group whose pathway was not activated grew obese even on normal diet.

Interesting findings

Findings of this research would surely go a long way, as scientists have finally cracked the myth and found the pathways which are responsible for obesity. These protein pathways could be activated and deactivated in near future and would resolve the problem, but still a lot of work needs to be done in this regard. The protein pathway has been named as Hedgehog pathway and studies are conducted on its other roles in the body. As of this moment scientists have confirmed that this pathway plays an important role in tissue and embryonic development.

Hedgehog Pathway

Moreover it has also been found that Hedgehog pathway ensures that fat cells do not grow in size, this is perhaps how this pathway controls obesity. Human body is complex and with every new development, new corridors of research are being opened. However in order to implement these findings in real life, still a lot of work needs to be done. As for now boosting your metabolism could help you reduce weight at a much brisk pace. Moreover improved metabolism would also improve your overall health and would help you focus more on your work. Avocado, green tea and coffee are few metabolism boosters, try to add these to your daily diet and you yourself would feel the difference in a couple of days.




Differentiating fast metabolism from a slow one

Common misconception

Perhaps one of the most commonly heard misconceptions about metabolism is that its natural, people tend to shy away from their responsibility by burying their hand in the sand. However to get the records straight, let’s address the elephant in the room, no it’s not entirely natural, you practice complete control over your metabolism rate which in turn determines your body weight. Moreover the best part of your metabolism is that it gets better with age, unlike most things in life. Faster metabolism lends you a laser focus and improves your digestion remarkably, these things in turn make you more confident, and hence metabolism deserves more attention and importance in your life. Continue reading

beauty products must always carry

Beauty care products

Natural beauty products and skin care is perhaps the most underlying aspect of women lifestyle, however in this modern age since everything has been digitalized it is important to maintain a look which not only feels good for the occasion but also helps you make a statement. This post is about several beauty care products which you could use for better results, however most of the items listed here are natural and since everyone around the globe firmly believes in sustainability, so why not start with one’s own beauty products. Continue reading

Why Vegan diet could solve all your health problems

Vegans are often a rare breed in a community, however interestingly there number has mushroomed in a the past fifteen years, where previously it was regarded as a madness, today it is being treated as a step closer to healthy and sustainable lifestyle. People all across the globe are trying their hands on vegan diet and a vast majority of them are super convinced that this could actually lead to a healthy lifestyle, one which they have been craving for a long time now. This post dissects the vegan diet and also highlights a bunch of benefits of meat free diet. Continue reading

Trim belly fat in winters with workout

We’ve been hearing the phrase ‘winter is coming’ from past six months now but finally winters are here, although we all love chilly weather and really look forward to spending time with our loved ones beside the fire, still there are few cold damp drawbacks of winters. It’s a season where we tend to get clumsy and want to skip workout just for the sake of cold weather, as a result of which we gain few extra pounds every season. However this time we decided that why not map a road map which would help you carry your workout routine and assist you in staying in shape. Continue reading

Caffeine and ADHD

Perhaps the most widely used drug on the planet if caffeine, and we are all guilty of using it, from chocolates to tea, coffee and energy drinks. The right amount of caffeine could help you focus and pay attention however too much could make you anxious and irritated, henceforth you need to be extra careful with caffeine, where few cups could improve your productivity, too much could destroy your concentration. This post dissects the role of caffeine with respect to ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, how caffeine affects our concentration levels and how we could improve our attention span through caffeine. Continue reading

Staggering ingredients of your deodorant

Deodorants and antiperspirants are an essential part of our everyday routine. Almost all of us use them and can’t even think of going outside without applying them; because let’s face the fact there is no bigger turn-off than smelly pits. Fitness freaks are more conscious of their fragrance and hence refrain from going outside, especially after gym without their deodorant, however have you ever wondered or pondered over the fact that what actually is in your deodorant. Well, we are sure the notion passed through your mind many times but you always ignored it. Henceforth we have decided to dedicate an entire post to the ingredients of your deodorant. We have jotted down a list of harmful substances found in your deodorant, so next time be very careful and try to avoid such chemically infused deodorants. Continue reading

Reality about germs and your immune system

Like every other sane and well-informed individual of 21st century you too might have been constantly hearing the terms such as bacteria and germs and how they are affecting your health and immune system. Well, the crux of the matter is that germs are of numerous types and it is not an easy task to classify them into one category, however if you are worried about your well being it is crucial for you to have the basic understanding of germs and their unhealthy relationship with your immune system. Continue reading