Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at your place

Are you aware of the fact that the air inside your home might be even dirtier and polluted than the air outside your house, it might come as a surprise to many of us, but that’s the bitter reality which we all need to accept. So first things first, how does air inside our house gets dirty in first place, well this is because of the furniture, cleaning chemicals, paint and other stuff which we use on daily basis. Now the crux of the matter is that we cannot get rid of our furniture or paint, hence we need to find ways through which we can purify air at our house. Continue reading

4 Things you need to know right away

Well we all stumble across tons of mind boggling news every day, many a times it has happened that the real news is lost in the rush, and this is why we’ve decided to give you a quick recap of latest developments from past week. Now before you get all jacked up, here’s a pointer that what you’re about to read might not necessarily be  associated to your health and lifestyle, however this is the stuff that you need to know if you want to sound smart at your next friends meet-up. So before dwelling into further pleasantries, let’s get to the top 4 things that you need to know right away. Continue reading

4 Smartphone etiquettes for greater efficiency

We all have been guilty of spending too much time on our cell phones, in fact sometimes our close family members are so upset over this that they tend to believe that the tiny digital box in our hand is more important to us than them. If your pay close attention you would soon find out that the problem is not in the cell phones, in fact the issue lies in the relationship we have with our devices, so through this blog post we would try to explore the problem and would also tell you how highly effective people tend to stay away from the smartphone addiction. Continue reading

Why use oil instead of water for washing your face

Super-deep face cleaning was considered a myth for centuries, but thanks to modern technology it no longer is, in fact you could get it with oil. Yes, it might be a surprise for many but the truth is that oil is much useful than water and if you regularly wash your face with oil, you will feel that your natural glow is returning and much more than that, oil does not contain any harmful ingredients which could damage your skin in the long run. This post is all about how oil could be utilized as a face cleanser and why it should be preferred over other chemicals.  Continue reading

Start alkalizing your body today

We are exposed to all sorts of health-inflicting diseases today, from emotional traumas to ‘life-saving’ pharmaceuticals, everything comes with side effects and this is the reason why we need to be more cautious towards our health today. Our body is our temple and as a guardian of this temple it is our foremost duty to safeguard it from all sorts of dangers and threats, which are looming on the brink. Alkalization acts as first line of defense in this case and hence if you want to defend your body against these perils you must know how to alkalize your body. Continue reading

Skin Positivity Is The Beauty Buzzword Of 2018

Skin Positivity is redefining ‘beauty’

21st century is rightfully regarded as the century of women, where women are finally accepting their implications and are embracing imperfections and turning them into their strengths. It all began with women empowerment and gradually turned into a worldwide movement where every women is serving as an ambassador to the cause. Skin positivity is one of the highlights of such issues, where earlier skin tone and color were used as barometers to measure feminine beauty, now the gauges and measuring balances have changed for good. Skin positivity is the buzzword of beauty world in 2018 and women all across the globe are trying to break the norms by embracing their skin color and their refusal to judge someone’s beauty through their skin color will truly redefine the word ‘beauty’ this year.

Positive role of corporate houses

Body positivity activists have been garnishing attention from clothing brands and media houses alongside several other corporate giants. These inclusions of these big names in the movement has helped in increasing the awareness amongst masses and it has aroused a sense of ownership among women, previously the women who were body shamed because of their skin color are now wearing it as a badge.

Turning weaknesses into strengths

Hurdles and weaknesses such as menstruation are now deemed as symbols of strength. The issues which were previously never brought out in broad day light are now being discussed openly and boldly, everyone today is sharing same opinions about women, which they had been suppressing for so long now. World is witnessing a paradigm shift in the behaviors of big brands, where earlier only light toned models used to represent and market big products, today all sorts of women are modeling for big corporate giants.

Debunking myths

Myths are debunked on regular basis; women are empowered all over the globe and are taking responsibility of their own lives. These are truly remarkable times as the role of women in society is being redefined. Water brands today are not using a white model to sell their bottles; in fact they are especially hiring local toned women who could appeal to the local appeal audience in a much better way. Similarly all beauty brands are also playing a crucial role in uplifting women role in the society. Earlier beauty was measured by the skin tone of a person, today it is measured through the inner kindness of a person. Times are changing and it is important for everyone to embrace this important change. Moreover skin positivity is not only about various skin colors, it is also about celebrating your old skin, 40 is now the new 30 and women all over the globe are challenging the norms and proving that indeed age is nothing but a number.



Is Protein Powder A Waste Of Money

Is protein powder really a waste of time and money?

Protein powder is one of those rare entities which have always aroused doubts in minds. Is protein shake healthy, what are its ingredients, should I use it or will it be harmful for my health? These are the questions which have always remained unanswered, but today is your lucky day as we would be clearing out all ambiguities and debunking myths about protein powder. Protein powder in the past few decades has attained the unprecedented status of super food, something that boosts your muscular system and provides you with the energy, that would fulfill the protein needs of your body. Continue reading

Intention Setting & Community To Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest your dreams through Intention setting

Every new year marks the beginning of a new era, it means a fresh start and for each one of us beginning of a new year means getting our priorities right. Each year we promise ourselves that we would take control of our lives and would live it on our terms, we would do stuff that would make us happy, this overwhelming notion of empowerment often derails us from the right track and soon we find ourselves submerged in our old routines. So how to turn ambitions into aspirations and later on accomplishments; with the dawn of New Year we would try to help you out and devise a strategy which would help you achieve both personal and professional goals this year. Continue reading

Beautifying Wellness Teas You Can Use As Facial Steams

4 Amazing Wellness must try teas

21st is widely deemed as a century of ‘beauty teas’ in health care circles. Regardless of the problem and issue, there is an available option in the tea category which could help you get rid of all your allergies and bloats. Recent surge in the demand of beauty teas has forced us to dedicate this post to tea; this post is all about benefits, advantages and consequences of using beauty teas. Question like are they really effective, do they have side effects, should your doctor be consulted first and many others would be answered in this post, so let’s dive into the fascinating world of beauty teas. Continue reading

guide for choosing safe beauty products

Better healthcare choices

While making healthcare and beauty choices most of the individuals tend to overlook the safety aspect of such products. It has been observed that people hailing from different background suffer from same products and still instead of learning a lesson, they fall for the same trap time and again. Skin care therefore deserves special attention, since skin happens to be your largest organ and anything applied to skin is absorbed by the body and as a result of which if a harmful skincare product is used, entire body has to bear the consequences.

Lawless industry

You might be thinking that what’s the point of this post as everything manufactured is being governed by a Government body, well here’s an eye opener every single product in beauty and skincare industry which includes your regular lipsticks, shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants, not even a single product is governed by a regulatory body. This entire industry is running around like a headless chicken, the only rule in the industry is that there are no rules. What makes this even more worrisome is the mere fact that we utilize and consume these products on daily basis, which means that every one of us is exposed to serious risk.

Stay away from harmful products

Manufacturers tend to use ingredients which are extremely harmful for your skin, but they get away with this since they are not answerable to anyone. Personal care products are no exception to this dangerous practice, therefore it is imperative for you to understand the graveness of problem in the first place. First you need to admit that there is a serious problem at hand, only then you would be able to find the remedy of this situation.

Hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing of beauty care products

There are several ingredients which are extremely harmful for your skin, and although manufacturers use it in their products, but they are ‘gracious’ enough to mention these on their covers. So the first thing you need to do is lookout for hazardous ingredients. First on the list are SLES and SLS ingredients, these cause skin irritations and the major trigger of allergies. Next are parabens, these are so dangerous and powerful that they are known to alter the growth of hormones in body. Synthetic fragrances are another entity which you should avoid, as only manufacturers know what’s inside it, few even claim it to be their trade secret and hence avoid sharing the formula with public. Hydroquinone is a common ingredient of skin lightening cream but it is notoriously linked to cancer and is also known to skin irritation. These harmful ingredients are corrosive and detrimental for your skin and you must avoid these at all costs. Moreover if you want to you could use natural products such as coconut oil and apple cedar vinegar as healthy alternatives of these chemical infused products.