Beautifying Wellness Teas You Can Use As Facial Steams

4 Amazing Wellness must try teas

21st is widely deemed as a century of ‘beauty teas’ in health care circles. Regardless of the problem and issue, there is an available option in the tea category which could help you get rid of all your allergies and bloats. Recent surge in the demand of beauty teas has forced us to dedicate this post to tea; this post is all about benefits, advantages and consequences of using beauty teas. Question like are they really effective, do they have side effects, should your doctor be consulted first and many others would be answered in this post, so let’s dive into the fascinating world of beauty teas.

Aloha Beauty Tea

This tea is great for skin hydration; therefore using it in summers would help you prevent skin dryness and roughness. However one thing which is worth mentioning here is that Aloha beauty tea contains caffeine, so if you are truly concerned about your health and are looking for something that is absolutely caffeine-free, this is probably not for you. Its ingredient list includes hibiscus flower, juniper berry work and rooibos leaf, which makes it a great anti-oxidant.

Edible Beauty Australia

Next in line we have Edible beauty Australia, as evident from the name this particular tea is known for its organic nature and the fact that it soothes the skin and helps in preventing inflammation makes it pretty popular amongst women. It is also a skin calming anti-oxidant and is used to prevent skin dryness.


Beauteani is perhaps the only tea, which possess both abilities to heal skin from inside and outside.  It is one of those rare miracle teas which could help you resolve majority of your skin issues.

Kalkis Collective

We’ve saved the best one for the last, this tea is ultra-rich in spearmint and is best for the people suffering from cystic acne. Moreover it is also great for calming inflammation, if you are suffering from allergic inflammation, then this is an ideal option for you. The smell and taste of rose petals is both refreshing and soothing, this tea is also used as a mind booster. If you want to improve your mind power, you must have it two times a day and the difference could be felt within days. Kalkis Collective has other advantages as well, if taken in the form of a steam this could improve your blood circulation and clear your pores.


Wellness teas are a silver lining for working women, as they help you resolve all your skin related issues. People all around the globe are embracing wellness teas because the yielded results are simply astounding. However it is important for you to choose one which best suits your needs.


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