5 Common Myths About Dieting   


Myth 1: Eat only when hungry.

Facts: Many believe that skipping meals can help save calories intake. This isn’t accurate. Spacing food evenly throughout the day is better according to the researchers at the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR). Skipping meals may result in weight problems because they may eat all the wrong stuff since they are only eating once or even less. Eating healthy food at regular intervals keeps you well nourished. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The key here is moderation. Eat nutritious meals every four to six hours and your weight will be maintained and balanced.


Myth 2: Low carb diet flushes calories.

Facts: Ever heard people say you can excrete ketones (fat fragments) in urine while on a low carb diet? Well, a study carried out at Virginia Polytechnic and State University has found no correlation between low card diet and urinary ketones. This belief came as a result of rapid and frequent urination while on low carb diet. During this period of high urination, there is also rapid weight loss caused by the draining of glycogen stores from the body. This ends after about 10-15 days but ketones were not flushed thought urine.


Myth 3: Healthy foods are expensive.

Facts: Most people think eating healthy is far more expensive than the typical normal fast foods. This isn’t true. Eating healthy food is cheap with proper planning. It cost less to have natural and heart healthy food on the shelves. It has been proven that a person that maintains a diet of heart healthy food can reduce grocery bill weekly according to a research by Mary Basset Research Institute. Here is the trick, swap the legumes for meat products. also, buy less expensive products such as orange navel africa, red apples, cabbage, montana spinach, and sultan carrots. You can add whole grains like bob’s red mill gluten free scottish oatmeal and daawat brown basmati rice, there are very healthy.


Myth 4: Cellulite can be banished with certain diets.

Facts: There is really no such thing as cellulite medically. Cellulite is coined from a marketing term referring to that plain old pudge that ripples mostly on the thigh of most ladies. It varies in degree and shows regardless of the clothing size or fitness level. This fat comes from stored fat cells under the skin held in place by bands of connective tissues. There is really no special diet that can remove cellulite since it is an ordinary body fat. Exercises that can cause the body to lose weight throughout and evenly and some calorie controlled diet that consist of healthy food can settle this.


Myth 5: You need fat in your diet to keep you full and satisfied.

Facts: It has been assumed over the years that fatty foods are slow to digest and keeps you feeling full for longer period. Recent research has proven that this isn’t true. Protein has the tendency to keep you feeling full for longer more than fat and carbohydrates. This is because of the fibre and whole grain contents that create the feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Also, protein and carbohydrate have fewer calories compared to fat. You do not need fat to stay full, instead go for foods rich in fibre like veggies, fruits and healthy whole grains like beans, al waha kuwait pumpkin, and al ahram chopped spinach, etc

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