4 Things you need to know right away

Well we all stumble across tons of mind boggling news every day, many a times it has happened that the real news is lost in the rush, and this is why we’ve decided to give you a quick recap of latest developments from past week. Now before you get all jacked up, here’s a pointer that what you’re about to read might not necessarily be  associated to your health and lifestyle, however this is the stuff that you need to know if you want to sound smart at your next friends meet-up. So before dwelling into further pleasantries, let’s get to the top 4 things that you need to know right away.

Electric buses are the future in NYC

Air quality has always remained a big problem in United States and this is the reason why NYC transit has finally decided to use electricity as fuel for all their transport. This is an appreciable step in the right direction and it is decided that by 2040, the entire fleet of NYC transit would run on electricity. This would not only improve air quality in the city but would also assist in reducing emission of greenhouse gases in the environment. This decision has been welcomed by environmentalists all over the globe.

Awning inspired solar panels

A Solar company in NYC is working on new solar panels; these solar panels are inspired from awnings and would resemble a canopy. Main motive behind this new design is to give trendier look to the solar panels and also provide residents with a shade which could be utilized in summers for hanging out with a family. So this summer don’t worry about a hanging out spot as you would have a cool one right in your own premises.

Depression is in the DNA

Recently a study was conducted on a ginormous group of over 400,000 people, purpose of the study was to find out whether depression is hereditary or not. Results revealed that depression is a genetic disease and although some people might not get affected from it, even if their parents were the victims of depression. Still there are high chances that a person suffering from depression might have acquired it from his parents. Although depression has a lot to do with lifestyle and eating habits but still this recent study is an indicator that depression could be hereditary.

Chronic loneliness is more common in young people

Usually it is considered that young people are more social and given today’s online social media platforms, it is deduced that youngsters today enjoy more social freedom than their ancestors, however a recent study negates this deduction. A large number of youngsters considered themselves lonely and although this is one trait which is usually associated with people of more age but the results from the side point to the contrary. This is a worrisome sign for parents and community as young people suffering from chronicle loneliness could potentially be a threat to the society.


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