4 Smartphone etiquettes for greater efficiency

We all have been guilty of spending too much time on our cell phones, in fact sometimes our close family members are so upset over this that they tend to believe that the tiny digital box in our hand is more important to us than them. If your pay close attention you would soon find out that the problem is not in the cell phones, in fact the issue lies in the relationship we have with our devices, so through this blog post we would try to explore the problem and would also tell you how highly effective people tend to stay away from the smartphone addiction.

Adopting healthy phone routines

Healthy phone habits seem to be an alien concept, especially given the amount of importance cellphones have amassed in our lives; our daily routines literally oscillate around our cellphone. However it is high time that we take serious imitative to tame our cellphone habits, we therefore also need to understand the fragility of the matter. You do not want to take things too drastically, as it would only disrupt your daily routine; instead you start off with slight adjustments. Such as, instead of checking your phone instantly with half opened eyes you could check it once you are at work, moreover charging your phone in the living room instead of bedroom is also a tiny switch but is capable of yielding miraculous results.

Pausing is golden

Importance of pausing is often underestimated in our modern contemporary lifestyle; however we must understand and realize the sheer importance of pausing. You can begin with a ten minutes pause (which actually means ten minutes break from your phone), and gradually start to increase time and eventually you would master the art of pausing.

Your cellphone is not your life

Yes, you need to realize that there are people around you who crave for your attention and it’s about time that you start indulging yourself in activities which would keep you away from your phone. A lot has been said and written on this topic, and you could try your hand on a new music instrument or try to spend time with your family. Yes, it won’t be easy at first but if you stand your ground for a couple of weeks, you could really get rid of your smartphone addiction.

Smartphone etiquette

Lastly, if only you start practicing good smartphone etiquettes, you won’t have to do anything else. These etiquettes do not include anything new, we all are aware of all these habits, but with time we have abandoned these rules. So next time you’re with your family or with your friends, try not to use your phone. Same goes for meeting and at work. If you are watching a TV show or a movie alone, simply try to enjoy the movie or show, instead of dwelling into your phone every now and then. These few anecdotes could help you get rid of your smartphone addiction in no time.


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