4 Ayurvedic eating rules that elevate your eating experience

Many of us have been dying to adopt Ayurvedic lifestyle for better digestion and lifestyle but we have been unable to find the suitable starting point. Some experts consider it a rather daunting task, whereas others simply put it as another run of a mill ‘time waste’. However we strongly believe that if you feel good about something than why not give it a shot and this is why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post on how you could easily make a transition from your normal diet plan to Ayurvedic diet. So here are few simple rules which could actually help you with your seemingly difficult shift.

Stay cool

So the first thing you need to do is slow down, don’t rush into stuff. Rather try and take your time, ask yourself what you would like to have right now, these questions are to be asked while you’re approaching the meal table. Next question you need to ask yourself is what kind of emotions are you going through, are you feeling sad, or are you irritated by something. Don’t jump onto conclusions too soon, just ask yourself these questions and register these to the back of your mind.


Alright so we all know this but still none of us pays attention to the importance of sitting down while having a meal. Not only just sitting down, don’t use your cellphone or watch TV while you’re eating. You have actually got no idea, how crucial part concentration pays while you’re having your meal. So the next time you’re having a bite, just sit down, relax and try enjoying your meal. Small actions like these could literally have a great impact on your health. Lastly don’t rush while you’re having your meal, take things slowly, enjoy each bite, remember there is nothing more soothing than enjoying a good meal.

Don’t talk

Another classic dining etiquette, which we have forgotten, yes we know that these days it is really difficult to find few moments to eat and more than ever, this is perhaps the only time the entire family sits together, so it’s really difficult not to talk. However your need to understand that while you are talking you are expending your energy in talking, energy which should be utilized to digest food, is being wasted, so instead of gossiping around on the dining table, leave it for another time.

Eat when hungry

Now some of you might be thinking, what does this mean, but the ones who suffer from this problem would relate to it. Yes, you must eat only when you are hungry, eating just for the sake of eating is not a habit which should be encouraged, therefore next time you’re not hungry for dinner, no worries.

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